Snack Vending Machine

Transportation & Fare Collection

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine Model: ATVM-4A is an advanced Self-Service Touch Screen PC based Kiosk configured with the latest Electronic payment systems of Bank Note Validator, Coin Validator, Bank Note Dispenser, Coin Dispenser and cashless payment systems that includes credit/ debit card payment ad UPI payment option.


This self-service machine is used for vending tickets for any application such as entry tickets against receipt of payment from the user automatically.


The user selects the tickets using the touch screen. The user further enters the number of tickets to be purchased and the mode of payment.


The ticket is printed and dispensed upon receipt of payment and balance money, if any, is also dispensed by the machine.IP The advanced feature of this machine includes dual ticket printers to ATVM-4A ensure non-stop dispensing of tickets.

Installation at Cochin International Airport (CIAL)