Advantages of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine


  • Napkins in restrooms brings relief to women during menstrual emergencies

Women who carry napkins

  • Privacy and independence
  • No more embarrassments, anxieties, stress


  • Single napkins dispensed at a price as low as Rs 2 or Rs5


  • 24/7/365 days round the clock availability of napkins
  • Available at the point of need such as workplaces, malls, schools/colleges etc
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Advantages of Sanitary Napkin Destroyer

Easy to dispose

  • Decentralized disposal in the restrooms
  • User friendly design ensuring simple and easy disposal as throwing in the bin


  • Hygienic disposal by converting to sterile ash
  • Avoid polluting the environment by putting an end to landfills and clogging of drains
  • Avoid spreading infections by stopping the practice of manual scavenging of napkins from the bins


  • Sterile ashes collected by burning of napkins can be used as manure
  • Smoke and gas emitted due to burning of napkins are less polluting as they are within the permissible limits of pollution control board.
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Clients who are using our napkin vending machines and incinerators