Neo X- IOT Machine

What is Neox?

A Sanitary Napkin incinerator that works


Power Rating – 2000 Watts (Inverter Tech)

Core Temp – Max 1200 Deg C

External Temp – Max 60 Deg C

Capacity – 50 (Small Pads)/25 (Max Size)
Size – 1 Sq ft Footprint x2ft tall – (mounted at height 2 ft above floor)
Weight – 12 Kgs Approx.
Material – Stainless Steel
Warranty – 1 Year Swap Maintenance warranty
Extended Warranty – Warranty period can be extended indefinitely as long as the model is in production.
Technology Type – Patent Applied Smart Burn Technology
Ash Collection – Once a week
Control – Fully Automatic (Micro-controller Based).