Snack Vending Machine

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine ( ATVM-5 ) is a touch screen based ticketing kiosk operated using Smart Cards.


The passengers can purchase and recharge Smart Cards from the ATVM itself which is configured with the latest Electronic payment systems of Bank Note Validator, Coin Validator, Bank Note Dispenser, Coin Dispenser and cashless payment system that includes Credit / Debit card payment and UPI payment options.


Place the Smart Card on the card reader slot in the ATVM. User selects the route and destination using the touch screen. After confirming the details on the touch screen, the ticket is printed and dispensed. Once the ticket is issued, value is debited from the smart card.


The interface and the software include a graphic display of route maps. It is a convenient service that is available round the clock.


Bhopal City – BRTS – 77 Bus Stations automated for self-service Ticket Vending to the public with ATVM-5.