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Feminine Hygiene Equipment

  • Glo Life Care brings Innovation, Convenience , Safety and Economy to the area of female hygiene equipment manufacture.
  • Glo Life’s technocrat CEO has over 3 decades of Experience including heading R&D with a major German company . So Glo Life is able to assure Precision Engineering and total reliability.
  • Glo Life Feminine Hygiene products are endorsed and bought by NGOs, Government Bodies ( Health, Education etc) and some of India’s most respected Companies for internal use as well as for CSR.
  • Glo Life offers multiple options in sanitary napkin vending machines and Destroyers, as an effective solution to Feminine Hygiene issues at work/ study.

Feminine Hygiene – Problem and Solution

A total of 82% of women experience some form of infection during menstruation.

    Common ailments are:

  1. Itching & Burning
  2. Inflammation
  3. Dermatitis
  4. Vaginal candidacies ( yeast) infection
  5. Fallopian tube infection
  6. Uterus Infection
  7. Excessivie white discharge

A woman’s health is most vulnerable during menstruation. Sanitary pads/napkins are the only safe and healthy option for women while continuing their work/ study during their periods - timely availability is the key.

Flushing used napkins down the toilet or disposal in garbage leads to other dangers. Blockage of drains, and health hazards are common. Destroyers that reduce used Napkins to sterile Ash are the solution

Taking proper care with timely and right use of sanitary pads, and disposing them hygienically helps eliminate the risk.

Glo Life offers a complete range of sanitary napkin vending machines and destroyers that address these very needs.

Glolife Reprocare Sanitary Napkins

We offer specially packed sanitary napkins exclusively designed for our vending machines that are of the highest quality suitable for international export.

Glolife Reprovend FH Series

Feminine Hygiene Vending Machines

Glolife Reprovend FH Series is a coin operated automatic sanitary napkin vending machine that is an electromechanical marvel with enormous versatility. It is manufactured to international standards with a high rate of reliability built in and proven through performance.

  1. provides immediate access to sanitary npkins to meet the menstrual emergencies of working class women, school and college girls.
  2. napkins self dispense at the drop of a coin.
  3. sanitary napkin vending machines have been proven to get rid of embarassment and shyness in girls to ask for for napkins from school or college authorities.
  4. light women purses as it eliminates the need to carry napkins in anticipation of emergencies.


sanitary napkin vending machine

Glolife Reprocide Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Glolife Reprocide SND is an automatic sanitary napkin Incinerator manufactured to international standards with a high rate of reliability proven through performance.

Destroying of used napkins has been a perennial problem. The used napkins are generally disposed in a very unhygienic way - like thrown in trash bins or flushed into the drain leading to clogging.

Glolife Reprocide SND is the right answer to solve your sanitary napkin disposing needs wherein the used napkins are converted into a sterile ash. You not only get instant disposal of used napkins but also disposal in a scientifically proven hygienic way.

The machine can be installed in IT offices, factories, girls schools and colleges, hospitals and nursing homes, public places, hotels etc.